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for a quick website evaluation of your current site optimization. We can do this over the phone and analyze how much we can help improve your search engine results.  You have nothing to lose, give us a call.

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Have you paid to optimize your website in an effort  to improve organic search engine results, then months later realize it’s not working? Does the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seem like a mystery? If you answered yes, we can help.

We offer onsite workshops to teach the latest methods of site optimization....

SEO Website Services, Page Tuning, Optimization

After completing UpFront’s  training for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to learn the potential of page tuning,  you may want help to create an optimization plan and need implementation support with your website designer.  For SEO website services UpFront  offers professional assistance with SEO management, ensuring your site will show up on the first page of the search results in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and other search engines.  If managing your own SEO program is something you don’t have time for, we can help, and we guarantee results upon completion and search engine reindexing.

Happy With SEOBecause search engine optimization is a cumulative process it can take a few month to see position ranking improve in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).   Most of our customers see their site positioning dramatically improve within 3-4 months.  This 3-4 month timeframe includes initial consultation, site analysis, code updating, registration with major search engines, and  the time it takes the search engines to visit your site, crawl and reindex the new information. 


  • 1. Keyword Metatag Analysis
    UpFront reviews the code in your current website and develop a new list of keyword phrases that are relevant to your your business and your industry.  After discussing your products or services we develop a list of targeted keyword phrases that meet the following criteria:
    • They correlate to phrases that people would frequently use to conduct a search to find products or services like yours, using major search engines.
    • These keyword phrases will be specific to your business or industry so new prospects that find your company will be highly targeted leads for your products or services.
    • UpFront will research these keywords to determine the phrase popularity and how they meet the above criteria.  You then approve the list as targeted keyword phrases to tune your website.
  • 2. Website Analysis
    UpFront performs a complete analysis of your site's code, text, pictures, and links to ensure the site is “spider crawl friendly” insuring the indexing of each page will go smoothly. This includes:
    • Validation of your site's home page HTML code, inspecting for errors that could harm indexing.
    • Review of your links to identify any broken links or images.
  • 3. SEO Content Development
    • UpFront will create search engine friendly content for your website based on the phrase list and monitor the SEO plan being implemented to optimize each target page.
    • We work with your web designer to insure the optimization structure is effective, proprietary to your products.
  • 4. Search Engine Submission and Reporting
    • UpFront will register your website to major search engines if needed.
    • UpFront will review links from your home page, insuring newly optimized pages are included so search engines can easily find them.
  • 5. Reporting
    • UpFront will provide an initial ranking report for the target keyword phrases.
    • When your site attains the guaranteed number of list rankings we will send you a final ranking report.
    • To help extend the life of your site's high rankings in search results you may want to consider an UpFront maintenance package to get quarterly ranking reports and support for optimizing new pages as they are added.
  • 6. Pricing:
    • 10 word phrases with code and structure  $995
    • 20 word phrases with code and structure  $1495
    • 30 word phrases with code and structure  $1995
    • Search engine ranking reports for Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask, $95/ea