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Are you one of these?

Have you paid to optimize your website in an effort  to improve organic search engine results, then months later realize it’s not working? Does the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seem like a mystery? If you answered yes, we can help.

We offer onsite workshops to teach the latest methods of site optimization....

Teaming up Marketing and Web Designers for Optimization

Our half day onsite workshop can change your company forever.  The course will:

  • SAVE YOU TIME - You will come up to speed quickly with our condensed 3hr workshop that targets your website.  The workshop concludes with a step by step process to tune each page today and into the future. We interrogate your website as examples to show you how to optimize for your market, firsthand, live.
  • SAVE MONEY - Don’t hire SEO experts and depend on their knowledge.  The recurring costs of hiring SEO consultants to modify your HTML code is a waste and a risk.  Learn how SEO works for yourself and save time and money.  You will discover how to identify GOOD SEO from BAD SEO without being an HTML expert.  We teach it in layman terms.
  • DELIVER RESULTS - First page position is the goal and we will show you how to achieve that.  Learn how to identify popular keyword phrases for your market no matter what you’re selling.
  • INCREASE TRAFFIC - First page exposure to your target market will naturally increase visitors to your website.  Learn how to draw customers to your site over others by using the right words.
  • TARGET YOUR MARKET - Bring buyers to your site and avoid the tire kickers, researchers, and dreamers. Discover how to attract customers when they’re ready to buy.
  • EXPOSE ALL THE TRICKS OF SEO - Most SEO experts keep their secrets to themselves to increase the demand for their optimization services.  We knock the doors of these secrets and show you how search engines work and how to take advantage of their powerful capabilities.
  • INCREASE CONVERSIONS - Don’t just increase your traffic, increase your conversion percentage.  Learn how to compel buyers to buy from you instead of your competition without a price war.


Ask yourself one question:  Can I find my company with Google by searching on the generic description of the products or services I sell?

seoIf you answered no, or sometimes, you may be thinking you have these problems. 

  • Your competition may be winning the SEO battle and capturing your customers.
  • You may be missing new customers that need your products or services
  • Company growth is stagnant or slower than it would be if customers would find your company products with Google.
  • You could be paying too much in PPC costs on campaigns to find new customers.

Our training is targeted for marketers, web designers, and business owners to provide a company wide understanding how search engines works and train your staff in layman terms how to take advantage of them.  We identify SEO opportunities in your website and show you how to use them with the latest acceptable SEO techniques.  We make companies self sufficient at SEO instead of relying on consultants to do the work on a recurring basis, which can be expensive.

By attending our SEO workshop your company can be SEO self sufficient with:

  • Keyword selection training
  • Alt tags implementation
  • Meta tag keywords and description rules
  • Targeting each page to attract buyers, not tire kickers
  • Link building to increase site ranking
  • Promotion techniques to increase traffic
  • Optimized image and graphics utilization
  • Navigation guidelines for customer retention
  • A clear understanding who’s responsible for each step of SEO.
  • A documented SEO process to alleviate misunderstandings and promote accuracy.
  • First page exposure with Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others

Root Problem: At many companies a communications gap exists between two very capable departments, the marketing department and the web design department (or consultant).  UpFront SEO focuses on filling that communication gap with an onsite workshop, using your site as the target project. When companies understand what search engines need to properly index a website they are better equipped to provide web designers what they need to maximize their Internet presence. 

Marketing departments have a unique understanding of their products, the marketplace, and their customers.  But even the best marketing departments often have only a vague understanding how to use that information for SEO, what the possibilities are, and how to communicate needs to web designers. It can seem like a mystery how SEO works for some folks, and this can lead to misunderstandings about what can help each page as well as hurt the designers ability to create an effective website. 

sell moreThe unfortunate reality of this situation is the two departments seldom cross pollenate each other even though their primary goal is the same, TO HELP SELL MORE PRODUCT.  Why you ask? We hear many reasons.  Some say they are afraid of looking dumb.  Others say they fear asking too many questions, or not understanding the answers, possibly exposing ignorance about HTML.  This touchy situation can easily become a wall of silence that can cripple a company, only because these two departments don’t understand each other as well as they should.  The lack of effective SEO can go unnoticed for years. Many times we find each department “does their own thing” hoping it works.  Often nobody is any wiser because there is little understanding how measure SEO.

At UpFront SEO we fill this communication gap with a half day training workshop using your website as the project.  We show you how to optimize for search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo, among others. We provide this training in layman terms so almost anyone can understand the optimization process.  There is no need for marketers to be HTML savvy to understand SEO.  Our workshop will educate marketers and web designers how to use teamwork to increase your traffic and improve conversion.    In the end you will have a clear method to get your company on the front page of the search engine results page (SERP).  Upon completion of the workshop everyone is speaking the same language and you have a documented method to optimize each page of the target website.  In our half day course we will provide your development team (marketing + web designer) with the ability to position your web pages at the top of the SERP specific to your target market.

Key take away:

After you learn how to optimize web pages for your industry our workshop also provides a tool to validate optimization implementation.  Yes, whether you are a web designer or not, anyone can  verify the optimization steps requested by marketing, confirming it has been implemented as planned.  Again, there is no need to understand HTML to do this.  You will also learn how to test your optimization steps and refine keywords selections over time, allowing fine tuning as markets change.

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