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Have you paid to optimize your website in an effort  to improve organic search engine results, then months later realize it’s not working? Does the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seem like a mystery? If you answered yes, we can help.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 714-803-4598 or email us at: .

QUESTION: I see that you guarantee your SEO services.  How does that work?
ANSWER:  You will be provided with a positioning report before and after SEO is implemented.  This will prove position advancement.  Keep in mind that after new SEO is implemented search engines can take 8-12wks to be reindexed and see actual improvements.  

QUESTION: How does billing occur for your services?
ANSWER:  For seminars, customers are invoiced after the seminar is completed.  For SEO services customers are invoiced on a weekly basis until the job is complete.

QUESTION: Why would I want to arrange a seminar instead of just hiring someone to improve my site SEO:
ANSWER:  Hiring someone to improve SEO can be risky if you don’t know SEO basics.  If you don’t know what you need you can waste lots of money hoping your consultant knows your marketplace, customers, and their habits. We provide you with the knowledge to confirm your SEO implementation is efficient to your specific needs without depending solely on your webmaster.  When you know SEO methods we teach and ask for specific SEO requirements, your negotiating power increases dramatically.  When you know what you want  and know how to verify SEO when it’s delivered your risk is lower, not to mention you’re in control.

QUESTION: How do I determine who the right people are to attend your SEO seminar
ANSWER:  Generally we encourage marketing managers and webmasters to attend, but many times there are others within a company that want to understand how SEO works.  Our seminars are discussed in laymen terms, almost anyone can grasp the concepts of SEO after completion of training.

QUESTION: How long do the SEO seminars last?
ANSWER:  They last 3 to 4 hours depending on the number of questions and the goals of the customers. We cover a lot of territory and actually interrogate the existing site (looking at the code) and compare this to your competitors site.  These comparisons provide insight on how to eclipse your competitors search results.

QUESTION:  What if we need support to optimize our site months later. 
ANSWER:  Customers have the option to subscribe to a support contract to provide email and phone support on a monthly or annual basis.

QUESTION:  Does SEO need to be updated all the time to be effective?
ANSWER:  Yes and no.  We can show examples of SEO that was implemented over 5yrs ago and is still effective today, ranking at the top of the first page using Google.  But if you want to expand your target market over time, then yes, you’ll need to tune your pages to different word phrases to get the best results.

QUESTION:  Does UpFront provide SEO services to maintain optimized code over time?
ANSWER:  Yes, if you don’t have the bandwidth to maintain your own HTML code we can provide code to use in each page of your website, specific to your target market.